How White Noise Works?

How it Works

White noise is quite simply the most effective and easiest thing you can use to help you and your baby sleep better. It is also the sleep aid that many parents don’t use, because they dont understand it or think it may be bad for their baby. In fact for babies under one year old, it’s the most reassuring sleep support you can buy. So get a good night’s rest for you and your baby NOW. And don’t forget to play the noise louder than you think, for bets results – quiet noise will not work.

  • White Noise reduces stress in babies. Stress can be caused by things like over-tiredness, colic and over-stimulation. White noise can help block out the stimulus of stress.
  • White Noise helps babies fall asleep and sleep longer. White noise drowns out a baby’s ‘sleep arousal’ impulse, which hits at around 20-45 minutes and prevents the baby from sleeping longer. White noise also blocks out other noises that would otherwise disturb the baby.
  • White Noise reduces crying. When a baby cries and you shush it, that’s white noise. The shushing needs to gain the baby’s attention by being louder than the baby crying and the baby often needs sustained shushing to stop crying. White Noise can do this for you, and with a lot less effort.

If your baby sleeps better and is less stressed, then so are you. Want a better night’s sleep? Buy some white noise today.