Sleep is The Dearest Possession of People

The confusion of sleep is always a concerning problem of people and science. According to health organizations of many countries around the world, sleeplessness is the main cause of spending billions of dollars each year. However, it was only the initial damage of medicine production and the cost of treatment. The damage of insomnia is not simple, not only damages in money but also health. Therefore, the sleep is called the dearest possession of people.

The importance of sleep

The health experts gave a number of reasons demonstrate the importance of sleep for health and beauty. According to doctors, the human brain must rest to have time to recover and recharge for a new day. When insomnia (just a few days), people can suffer from problems related to the nervous system.

Lack of sleep is the cause of increasing the rate of aging and the risk of eating disorders, easy to cause weight gain. People who sleep less than 6 hours a day, even with the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases and stroke than the general population to 50 percent. Lack of sleep will make people die faster.

How much sleep is enough?

On average, men need more sleep than women. Many studies show that women need to sleep about 7 hours per night, while men need about 7.5 hours per night. Children and young people need more sleep than adults, and the elderly sleep less. The reason is that in the elderly, melatonin levels decrease, older people are more sensitive to light, so they easy lose sleep. The amount of melatonin of people is higher at night and in the winter, which is the reason why sleep usually lasts longer in winter.

Melatonin hormone levels are highest in children aged 5-6 years, until 60 years of age, hormone levels drop to about 20 percent.

The basic steps to start a good night’s sleep

You need to determine the time when you have to wake up. You should spend about 15 minutes before bedtime to do personal hygiene, such as brushing, mental relaxation, etc. If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep. Set a gentle exercise or a yoga or walk a bit to the body and the spirit are more relaxed.

The things have to stay away before sleeping

Absolutely, avoid drinking alcohol, stimulants or active sports exercises before going to bed for at least a half hour. In addition, doctors also recommend that everyone should avoid eating or drinking caffeine or pills, at least 3 hours before bedtime. A glass of warm milk is an ideal beverage for everyone before preparing to go to bed.

What to do with insomnia caused by allergies or suffocation?

One obvious thing is the need to quickly eliminate these problems if you want to have a good sleep. According to doctors, the mint drug is an effective treatment for stuffiness.

Create your own timetable and regular science

Wake up on time, on weekends, you can sleep a few dozen minutes or an hour, but do not stay in bed too long. Let’s create a routine for waking up regularly every day. If waking up at 6 am Monday, try to maintain it until the end of Friday. To avoid fatigue, a nap at noon is good for your brain (not to exceed 30 minutes).

Create friendly environment for bedroom

The environmental factors also play an important role in sleep. The ideal place is an airy room. According to the doctor, do not put all kinds of electronic devices such as televisions, computer in the bedroom. Lighting lamps can create the stimulus for your sleep. Too much light will surely make you unable to sleep or do not sleep deeply.

The second factor is nightwear, soft and easy to widely to circulate blood and make more comfortable for you.

The third element is the quiet, if sleeping in a noisy condition, you will be awakened in the middle and then you cannot have a good sleep.

Finally, sleep is extremely important for everyone. There is no reason to waste the one-third time in life to sleep, because sleep brings health to people, help people survive and continue operating, it is also the key to helping people younger and live longer.

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